We utilize the most advanced 3D design and simulation software for our tool development. We conduct manufacturing using 5-axis CNC grinding machines and universal machines, which enables us to lead in custom tool fabrication, extending beyond the production of rotationally symmetric tools.

Tool sharpening

We also offer precision sharpening services for manufacturer-independent, specialized and custom tools, catering to a wide range of diverse client requirements.

■ Machining precision ± 0.001 mm
■ We tailor our dimensional range according to customer requirements, depending on the type of tool, starting from a diameter of Ø1 mm.
■ We also undertake small and medium batch grinding tasks.
■ Laser engraving, size marking, customer-specified inscription, QR or BAR code, or company logo.
■ Designing and manufacturing of custom cutting tools based on a provided tool drawing, sample tool, or product design drawing.
■ Solid Carbide – Solid High-Speed Steel – Brazed Carbide Insert Design
■ In line with the capabilities of our manufacturing unit’s machinery, we are capable of adapting the length of the tools to be machined according to the arising requirements.
■ We can provide measurement certificates upon request for our tool sharpening and manufacturing processes.
■ Our coating service provides assurance for extended tool lifespan and enables the attainment of higher performance during tool utilization.
■ Customization of tools according to specific needs:
■ Intermediate size – radius shaping, modification – shank grinding- weldon
We are also available for further customer-specific solutions!
For any special requirements, please feel free to contact us with confidence!